Monday, March 5, 2012


My last 2 Saturdays outside have been all about getting the front garden and back patio whipped into shape after winter (although who knows if winter is really over!?), this Saturday and Sunday sure felt like summer! I think we got to the mid-80's both days. Last weekend I tamed the Bougainvillea bushes and cleaned out all the weeds along the driveway so the ivy could breath, and this weekend I cleaned out one of the front flower beds. Both needed attention desperately but boy was it a lot of work... or maybe I'm just getting older and crawling around on the ground is getting increasingly more difficult :-P  And, sorry, no pics of either of these tasks, maybe I'll take some of the Bogey when they bloom.

My Saturday morning started out with a nice bowl of fresh fruit:

The dish is a handmade gift that I received a number of years ago from friends that live in Utah.

K and I also made a couple of bricks on Saturday. We have a kit that contains letters to press into the bricks and then give them away as presents (we also press in stones, shells, etc.). I'll take some shots of those later because my hands were too dirty to use my camera. Have I said how much work it is to make a bucket of cement? Evidently, I like hard work :-D

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  1. I would love to have nice plants and an herb garden, but it is too much work for me! I am really too old to get down on the ground and work the soil, prune plants,weed, and all that good stuff. Anyway, there is no guarantee that all that stuff would grow here anyway....we have difficult environment for most plants. Too much salty air and soil. I am glad you are enjoying it and you are in a good place for plants to flourish. Love the fish bowl.