Thursday, May 17, 2012

summer has landed!

Well, we're finally getting 80's during the days and 60's at night, so for us, that means summer! We've been refining the back patio (which sometimes means moving things here and there and then moving them BACK!) but, it's all good and soon enough we'll have people over and to enjoy our hard work :-)

Here's the first tomatoes and some of our red romaine. The tomatoes are great, but the lettuce is now bitter :-/ guess I left it on the stalk too long?

Roses are still doing well

And our newest addition is a beautiful rectangular umbrella from Cost Plus World Market - Indonesian Flower print!

Stay tuned until the next time!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mid-week Bubble update!

Since last weekend was a blur, I'll just post a few pics! We had engagements Friday night and Saturday night, so doing much around the house didn't really happen. We did a few things here and there, mostly tidying up. This coming weekend I'll try and take some new pics of the veggies because everything is doing so well!

Here's some gladiolas (I think). These were here when we moved in, sorely in need of water, so now they are growing and blooming all the time.

This beautiful single bloom is off a cactus that I have in the front rock garden. This cactus blooms maybe twice a year and the flower last for maybe 2 days. It's quite spectacular!

and where would the WBB blog without a photo of some grub!? More sesame soy salmon, served with bok choi (from the garden!) and some grilled yellow peppers - yum!