Monday, March 12, 2012

Shrimp, salad and a BIG BUD

another fantastic weekend in the bubble! the weather was more fall like which made it a great weather to be outside and feel the dirt in my hands. I bought some blood meal for my veggies and after *massaging* them, I decided to massage the roses beds also :-) i think they all enjoyed it. I also did MORE sweeping of the tree in our back patio area that has been relentlessly dropping both leaves and some other pollen filled parts for weeks now. When it started dropping the pollen a few ago, everything out there was covered in yellow snow. Luckily I am not allergic to it!

We have a new baby that will arrive... well, not sure when, but the BIG BUD is quite a sight! I don't remember what kind of plant this is btw, if someone knows, please tell me.

On Friday night I decided to try another shrimp taco recipe and OH MY! It was definitely a winner! I made a pistachio-cilantro pesto, slathered it on some shrimp and then skewered and grilled them. They were decadent and they melted in your mouth! If anyone wants the recipe, I will surely share it. I would today, but I didn't bring it with me to work. I was skeptical when I read the recipe and even when I tasted the pesto raw, but after grilling, I was sold.

Last night I threw together leftovers (roasted cabbage and asparagus) and some new salad fixins.Here's the salad greens and spinach with pepitas, garbanzos, roasted garlic, fresh basils and tarragon and some goat cheese = YUM!

We also continued our brick making, but I'll wait and post photos of that when we've given them away to their new homes (birthday girls), I don't want anyone to see the finished product and ruin their surprise!

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  1. I do want the recipe. And your plant looks like a philoendron but I have never seen one bloom. Momma