Tuesday, February 21, 2012

spring? summer? who knows

I don't know about you, but our weather is just plain wacky currently! We are still in the mid 40's at night, but get up to the high 70's during the day and sometimes 80! It's no wonder I have some kind of upper respiratory infection. Hopefully I'm over the worst of it, but the coughing is still keeping me up at night :-/

Anyway, onward with the WBB adventures! I am late posting because I had to edit the parrot photos. Taking photos of any wild animal is not easy, they are constantly on the move! About a dozen or so of them decided to visit us for quite a while when K and I were doing yard work this weekend. Here's 2 shots:

This last one is a bit dark, there were 3 all huddled together. I didn't know until this last weekend that they like to eat the berries off the trees in our neighborhood, that's why they stop by quite frequently.

In other news, the Camelias are in bloom! We have pinkish ones in the front, but this is taken in back patio :-)

We picked up the sign when we were in Seal Beach over the summer when Melinda and Connie were visiting from Dallas. It is a fine edition to our back patio :-D

And lastly, is a dinner shot. We had this sesame-ginger salmon with soba noodles on Friday night - yum!


  1. It is like you live in a tropical forest! You are lucky with the pleasant climate. It must be pleasant because the plants seem to love it. Do you have mosquitoes?? That is our biggest enemy here. When the weather is nice, mosquitoes seem to spoil things and bring the comfort level down to its lowest. I don't know what kind of berries those are in your tree but they were visible in your first shot of the parrot. We have Natal plums in the front, as that seems to be about the only thing that will grow and produce fruit here, and the birds eat them in the summer. (not for human consumption anyway). We do have birds, birds, birds. Fun to watch. Hope you get to feeling better! BT

    1. you are right about our climate, that is why people flock here I guess! We rarely have mosquitoes... sometimes in late summer, but even then, they are small and not many of them. I am feeling somewhat better... I have no idea what I have...and it could just be some sort of allergy... I just hope it goes away soon because it's zapping my energy level and I have lots of work I still want to do in the yard!

  2. I'd love to live in your bubble. One of these dAys I hope to at least visit. All your pics are nice especially the camellias. Your grandma had pink ones on a big bush on the side of her house. Remember? I've never tried them, and now my gardening days are over. Your dinner looks good too, epecially the noodles.

    Love, Momma