Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday - PHEW!

Seems like the weekend (starting on Thursday night actually) was a *flurry* of activity! Thursday night was a late night at The Troubadour in LA and saw Joss Stone & Dave Stewart. Friday was errands, yoga and then preparing a birthday meal (shrimp tacos, cilantro lime slaw and homemade margaritas! first time for me to make my own margy mixer!) for our friend C-T and THEN going out dancing! Can you say 1:30 in morning!?? aah... to be 20-something again and have ENERGY! LOL Well, everyone enjoyed themselves, especially C-T and the go-go dancers (at Club Ripples) :-D

Which brings us to Saturday! I bought 2 more containers to plant the lettuce and joi choi in.

I  didn't get as much done in the yard as I had hoped because C-T came back over and we decided we needed to finish off the margaritas from the night before :-P.... we then ended up at BBC and then a stroll on 2nd Street, which is a shopping and eating mecca. Can see why I'm tired now?? Luckily, we managed to crawl onto the couch last night and watched "You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger". Not a bad movie, but not a super-duper great one. Fun to watch I'd say.

Today it was a typical Sunday in the Bubble, waking up late (7ish), Kelly going to yoga and me watering the front and back gardens and making banana-walnut pancakes with the last of the Michigan Maple Cream. A few more patio duties, then a shower, then a nice meditation and dharma talk at the Monastery (sorry, no website for them!).

So now, I just did a bit of stretching (my back is aching from the gardening... or was it the late night dancing??!) and I'm off to make a horseradish crusted salmon with some green beans and maybe a sweet potato to go with. Rose is on tap for me tonight - so cheers!

one of my succulents on the front porch:

(all of the photos so far are raw... I'm on the computer at home and have no photoshop! Maybe if I can get ahead I'll be able to edit shots before I post, but for right now, you seem 'em as I shoot 'em!)


  1. The photos look great as is! I especially like this last shot, Molly. I love your new blog so much. xo

  2. If you think you are getting too old for your lifestyle....just wait. I turned 70 already and unbelievable how much older than that I feel! haha. Dick turned 85 this past week. He is older than dirt! Your plants are beautiful, especially the photo of the succulent which showed every tiny detail of the plant. Growing your own herbs and flowers is very good therapy, and will keep you active too. I wish I had the environment to grow things, but I constantly am fighting the wind and the salt air, insects, etc. It is a losing battle. All I have luck with is basil. So easy to grow. Keep posting. I enjoy it and it keeps me in touch. BT