Monday, April 16, 2012

say hey we're the monkees!

Wonderful weekend at the WBB! well, actually it was longer than my normal weekend (FSS) because I took off Thursday also! K and I decided we were due to go to Glen Ivy Hotsprings, so away we went! Hot springs, saline pool, club mud, massage, we did it all!

But now, back to the monkees... :-)  I mentioned to my Mom yesterday that I have acquired some new adornments for the BUBBLE! My friend Marisol at Picture This Gallery was having a sale and these 2 awesome monkees needed a home! And they go perfectly with my new bongos! Those babies are from my boss, Val's estate sale, circa 1958!

Our first rose of this year bloomed this weekend to! All of the roses (3 bushes) are just BURSTING with buds! Guess they like the blood meal I fed them a few weeks back :-)

And our friend CW gave us this beautiful Easter Lily 2 weeks ago and it's going strong!

so, the back patio is shaping up very nicely... c'mon, pull up a chair and I'll grab ya a beer or a glass of whatever floats your boat :-)


  1. Lovely! What kind of tree is that in the upper right?? I do love your monkees. Names??

    1. I don't know what kind of tree that is... but I do know that it sheds A LOT! leaves AND pollen! I like it though, it provides us with lots of much needed shade in the summer. Names? I'm the one on the left, Kel is on the right :-D